DVDpedia 5.1.3

DVD cataloging software for Mac OS

To save you time and effort, DVDpedia retrieves all DVD information from the Internet and lets you arrange your DVDs in any which way you like.

Using DVDpedia comes naturally because of its familiar iTunes style interface.

DVDpedia lets you retrieve information about your movies (both VHS and DVD) from various sites on the Internet.

The main info generally comes from the Amazon sites (US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Japan) but DVDpedia also gives you access to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) as well as an additional Spanish, French, Italian, Australian and German movie site.

You can search using pretty much any keyword - from a director to the movie title or an actor's name. Or use a combination of them all. If you have a scanner, you can find your movies even faster.

Just open a search window and scan the UPC of the movie. DVDpedia does the rest for you. Cuecats, modified or not, are supported too. (At the moment, scanning works best with the Amazon US site.


Once you have gathered all the info for your DVDs, organize them any which way you want. Set up collections; for example, one for your favorite director, one for comedies and one just for Cameron Diaz.

Once you've created a collection, you can simply drag and drop to add DVDs. Or create smart collections that update themselves automatically everytime you add a DVD.

Just set the criteria for the smart collection and DVDpedia will organize itself. You can also make a wish list for DVDs you don’t own yet and a borrowed list to remember who borrowed what movie at what date and when it is due back.

You can export your library, or just a collection, using the HTML templates that come with the program. Or, if those are not enough, you can write your own templates.

Check out the Help file on how to. Of course, there are also other export formats available, like tab delimited, comma delimited and . dvdpedia, a unique format which works very well if you want to make a backup of your library or send a collection to friends.

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    "great app with even better customer service"

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